*Books by Bridgitte Lesley*

Literary Fiction with zeal and zest!  You are going to find a whole mix in my novels.  Things that could happen, things I wish would happen, and an assortment of characters.  Some you will love and some . . . mmmmh!  And most definitely a little romance❤.  I hope you will be popping by from time to time!  As long as you keep reading I’ll keep writing!

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My Lady Love Cover
To See the Sights cover
A Temporary Assignment covers and cards Powerpoint 2
In the Dark Cover
Petite Cover
A New Year's Treat! Cover
Natural Fundamentals Cover PP
Book 1 Crass to Class COVER Powerpoint
Book 2 Glimmer to Glow COVER Powerpoint
Book 3 Shimmer and Shine COVER Powerpoint
Book 4 Rock and Mortar COVER Powerpoint
Tic Tac Toe cover
Books, baby, books
Out of the Ordinary
Sweet Fascination
Beneath the Scars.jpg
Entwined ebook Cover
Along Came Claire 3.jpg
NEW Settling In.jpg
New Lean On Me.jpg
Marred Scarred Mine
Off the Beaten Track Smashwords
Homeward Bound NEW Smashwords


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