RYAN and Magical Maxine is FREE! #ASMSG #paranormal #IARTG #Free @BL_Els

Based at the local Police station, Agent Ryan Digby is ranked highly. If there was a case to be solved, he was the man.
Not without the help of magical Maxine. Maxine, who was always there to consult with and lean on when times got tough.
When Gary Barlow goes missing Ryan is driven to find him. With little information, the hunt is on.

A small town always has a certain appeal. If there are farms in the area, that seems to be a draw card. But if you have the ocean nearby, that is when you strike it lucky. The town named Langsville has all of that. The forest is a huge attraction for reasons you might not believe. Take a step back from the daily hustle and bustle and step in to a world where psychics, shifters and magical beings whisk you away. Welcome to Langsville!

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